Way Finding Signage

Not once, have I witnessed CEOs, Directors, even juniors being humiliated in buildings with poor wayfinding navigation signs. No embarrassing moments like when a respectable man pops into a ladies washrooms, only to be welcomed with a high note soprano scream. Everyone is coming to the rescue to find an apologizing manager. Common, how could anyone have known which side is gents? Then you are looking up for signs.

Save your visitors the heck and brand your premises with clear wayfinding signage. There are immeasurable benefits to the brand. It ogres well with the interior and environmental branding and psychologically organize the occupants for effectiveness. You not only guide people to the place they ought to be but also dictate the direction of your brand.

Navigation is a fundamental human activity. It is as well integrated into our everyday living. Therefore, we need to help you maximize this great tool. As you help people know where they are, where they are heading, what they are doing, and what to expect. These wayfinding signs include footprint designs on the floor, exit, and entrance hanging lights, just to mention but a few.

Adopt our strategy and help your visitors staff and customers enjoy the stay and at the same time impact their thinking system with the iron brand of your organization. We use a combination of craft, art, and psychology. The process is incorporative of signage, lighting, colour, lighting among others.

Amazingly, when wayfinding signage is executed professionally, people do not need to think on the way to or from their destinations. It is that magical. This magic as works for your brand. The brand is imprinted in their hearts. The magic cannot, however, happen without a magician. Brand Extreme has got the magic for your brand and wayfinding solutions of all types, sizes, and designs.