Signage Design and Fabrication

Brand Extreme has all it takes to professionally and uniquely in a cost effective manner to manage your signage Design and fabrication from consultation to manufacturing, installation, project management, and design work. The results thereof are timely and on budget.

Our in-house designers are to ensure that your branding ideas and concepts are consistent and in the same direction with your organization. We guarantee you well engineered, complete, and made to overcome the test of time. I dare you now to share with us your ideals, vision and dream and we bring it to the real world of business like the geniuses we are. Think of design, fabrication to installation, Brand Extreme, we have got them all under one roof. All your details are captured in the end product with professional touches and sense of value.

We understand that a good banner design, interior or exterior branding would be easily messed by the wrong signage and the fabrication. To us they are all integrals of branding. None of them is given a lighter hand. They are weighty matters to our team and we give them due diligence to ensure excellence in every aspect.

We have a high secret approach for our success: despite the fact that Brand Extreme builds great brands and strategies, our success lies in the delivery of quality service over the years. Every signage design and fabrication project starts by assigning a specific experienced and confident project manager. This way, even the mission impossible projects are achievable.

Customer satisfaction is essential to Brand Extreme. We want to make sure that every order you place with us we manage it on time to your satisfaction. Worth noting is that with every project we deice shop drawings for your approval as well as the accurate fabrication of the end product. Our team never compromises with quality.