Packaging Design

You probably are old enough to be familiar with the old saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. In the market the contrary is true. Otherwise, how do you purchase a product that you have never tasted and the condition is you cannot open? There are no free samples around for you or anybody else.

Well, this is when your instincts are biased by what you see. You have done a good job so far. You do not want it messed by a careless placing of the logo, inscriptions, colours, or some kind of a celebrity’s image on your package. Most buyers relate with the packaging way long before the real product or the service on offer. Therefore, you need not just a guy with skills of mixing colours here and there and one who can play around with Photoshop. Not really.

The packaging is more of psychology. There are a number of factors that play into the packaging and sales. There are probably a thousand and one products of your line in a leading supermarket. If you have to be outstanding you need expertise from not just a team of professionals but from a team that understands the customers’ behaviour, your brand direction, and your supreme goal. Nobody does that better in town than Brand Extreme.

You want kind of a packaging design that creatively grasps the attention of customers, deliver a sensational message, and make the consumer realize a particular feeling. Kizuri cha jiuza. The ultimate goal of package branding is to ensure that your products distinctively stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I guarantee you that achieving this can be terribly hard and messy, so take your time and consider working with the Brand Extreme, for inspiration, ideas and amazing branding solutions for your products. Let your brand keep winning the hearts of customers all the way.