Annual Report Branding

Any piece that you create for the purposes of sharing is an integral part of your brand story. You need to heed to details and effectiveness. It could be an info-graphic, an internal or external communication, whatever it is as long as there is an eye that will land on it, it is a representation of your brand. That is why, Brand Extreme emphasizes on consistency across all your content including in the annual report design and presentation.

Have witnessed plenty of marketers majoring on-brand content marketing but do all they can to ignore the annual reports as a powerful tool for brand representation. On the contrary a few have hearkened unto our advice and embraced this strategy that yields 30-100%. It is unbelievable. Perhaps to believe you need to make that decision to join the few who are sailing in the victory of annual report branding.

Before sending out your next annual report for printing, we would like to help you ensure that you give it a pass that it is on-brand. You do not need to worry anymore about this, we have got your back covered. Focus on the important details of the report such as balance sheet, and statements of account as we deliberate on your brand details. We guarantee you that we understand your brand more than anyone else. Just check it with us and our success stories will tell you.

We incorporate your brand voice, tone, the takeaway, and most importantly the perception of the reader for effectively imprinting your brand in the mind of the receiver. Your report should be in tune with your brand’s visual language. From the time you sign us up, it becomes our sole responsibility to ensure that you got enough templates for your monthly, quarterly or annual reports branded to the latter.

Truly reflecting on your brand values such as colors, logo, fonts and typography, illustration and photography, data visualization, hierarchy, organizational charts, and interactive elements to mention just but a few. You do not have enough time to approve everything that is going outdoor; we make your life easier with our proven expertise beating all the odds for your brand success.