Office Branding Basics in Kenya

Do you desire to make your office a showcase of all that you are and do? Well, you hacked it right. Extreme Brand Kenya shows you the great way to do it. Perhaps you think that it is a rocket science kind of a gimmick. Not really.

Understanding Office Branding

In the simplest of terms office branding is the art of reshaping your office space into one reflecting all your company’s ideals. It is not just painting your office as per your theme colours and your logo hanging up somewhere on the wall, but of course this a great starting point.

The office branding process may include huge decisions such as leaving the office open partitioned, or to make use of cubicles. More to these is considerations such as personal touches. You need to decide on theme colours, the breakout areas, artworks whether, little touches on the wall as well to go solo or to get assistance from one of the top branding companies in Kenya.

With the creative Kenyans in mind such features would mean more inspiration in the office space for performance.

Why You Should Opt for Office Branding?

If you are looking for a great and most effective way of inspiring and encourage the employees to own, live and breathe your company, then office branding is the way. A unique and dynamic working space boosts performance.

Heard of first impression? Every business seeks to impress their clients. There is no better way of doing it than Office branding.

But how do I go about it? Probably I read your mind.

Establish Your Brand First

You want to review what your brand is and what you want it to be. Get into your website and official documents. How do you describe your company and what you do? This is what you ought to reflect in the office. Resonating what you say out there and what people see in the office.

Customer review is the other way to know what your company is all about. Know who uses your services and products and what they expect.

Involve the Key People

While there are lots of corporate branding companies in Nairobi Kenya, sourcing internally would go a long way to real time inspirations. You never know the gifts and talents within your team until accord the opportunity. Consult with them and the results will be amazing.

Your team forms your company culture. Office branding will always have impact on staff. So you want to know what boosts their morale not kill it.

Everyday Experiences

Ideally, the office should be functional. Let your brand shine all through the office space to sustain the first impression. If the client on arrival experiences such a warm welcome, but the team who are working back office are dull and gloomy, then you consider it lost. For real, this is an aspect you want to consider.

The Tiniest of Details Count Big

Most often we may overlook small items such as notebooks on the desk, tea in the cupboard, the guests’ book and pen. These items in most cases are the loudest in a company. Your packaging, staff uniforms would do you a great deal.

In the long run, you have an inspired staff and a great work place that is a tool to minister to your clients in volumes just before you speak. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Create a fantastic working environment for your employees and you reap fantastic results.